Have you ever heard the following Excuses?

  • “Nobody called”
  • “I was busy taking care of patients”
  • “Patient did not answer when we called him to confirm”
  • “Did not have time to call and check insurances”
  • “It is difficult to find good staff”
  • “I am just one person here and cannot do everything at once”
  • “I can’t work even harder”

The Practice Compass VOIP Call Center solves one of the most irritating challenges of every practice- capturing dropped calls and converting calls to scheduled appointments. Growing practices need a multi-lingual call center that is quick to implement, increases patient volume and builds revenue.

The Practice Compass VOIP Call Center:

  • Converts every call to scheduled appointments
  • Records calls for staff performance tracking and remote practice management
  • Links every call to that patient’s comprehensive information
  • Provides an inbound and outbound contact center
  • Automates patient recalls based on treatment plan, current benefits and no show history
  • Decreases costly no-shows and fills patient schedules for maximum revenue

Discover hidden causes of lost revenue:

  • Calls are recorded for quality assurance
  • Each call is automatically evaluated based on its outcome
  • Manage phone calls, track patient/staff interactions and impact on patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction begins, or ends, with the first call to your practice. Practice Compass delivers the exacting, automated, results driven solution you need to get patient interactions right- the first time.

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