Insurance Verification

Practice Compass implements automated insurance verification systems in your practice so that you can capture more revenue immediately:

  • Patient verification in 30 seconds or less with the click of a button
  • Automated process allows staff to estimate payments and collect it at time of visit

We convert time-consuming routines into real-time revenue producing systems by providing:

  • Insurance verification prior to every appointment
  • Pre-authorizations before every test or procedure
  • Track available and expired benefits

  • Real-time verification in seconds! – versus 30 minutes per patient
  • Fast and accurate interphase with insurance companies
  • The only easy understandable summary dashboard
  • Automated online access decreases the need to have a qualified certified person calling insurance
  • Patient’s responsibility estimate based on planned procedures and their remaining benefits
  • Automatically Connected to scheduling, confirmations, recalls and treatment planning

Information Needed Practice Compass
Effective date
Benefits period
Doctor In/out network
Fee schedule
Coverage type (family/individual)
What type of procedure deductible applies to
Patient max benefits
Remaining benefits
Coverage %
Patient History
Coverage of preventative procedures (Xrays, etc.)
Waiting periods
Missing tooth clause
Coverage on specific codes
Prep vs Seat date
Ortho coverage/how it pays
Secondary coverage
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