Medical MSO

While reimbursements tighten and regulations increase, smart practices are upping their profit game through exacting management practices and comprehensive growth strategies. That doesn’t mean patient care suffers. Quite the opposite. While Practice Compass streamlines the business machine of your practice, you remain on the front lines delivering high quality, compassionate patient care that improves outcomes and builds patient satisfaction and volume. It’s time to build your practice for profit today and a successful exist strategy tomorrow. Let’s build the foundation together.

Practice Compass manages the intricate workings of your medical practice for successful revenue cycle management and growth. It’s a full time job to ensure that coding is precise, claims are successful, and billing is timely. It takes seasoned experts with years of experience to make sure that you are being reimbursed exactly what you have contracted for, and it takes staff training to collect patient self-pay. Practice Compass manages the endless number of details it takes to run your practice as a solid, profitable business built for tomorrow’s success.

Practice Compass improves practice performance:

  • Real time KPI Indicators
  • Critical task tracking
  • Comparison charts
  • P & L Benchmarks
  • Billing compliance
  • Workflow Optimization

Practice Compass delivers the tools you need to embed quality and increase patient satisfaction:

  • Patient engagement
  • Phone system integration for high quality interactions and capture of dropped calls
  • Automated task flow
  • Scheduling management for increased revenue and customer service
  • Insurance verification in 30 seconds or less
  • Billing reconciliation- a knowledgeable patient is a happy patient

Practice Compass tools increase efficiency the quality of your staff:

  • Time management systems
  • Staff work ethics to improve culture and patient interactions
  • Goal evaluations
  • Team recognition

It’s time for you to care for patients, build satisfaction, loyalty and patient volume. We will take care of the day to day business so you can look to the future.

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